Who's it for?

You've poured your heart, soul & savings into your business. Now you need to find a group of people who've done the same. 

If you’re an owner, The Exchange is for you. From real estate to retail and everything in between, this club is for the entrepreneurs in Oklahoma City who are carving their own path and are tired of walking it alone.

Whether you’re a company of one or you manage a large team across multiple locations, you can expect The Exchange to help you learn about new tools, implement strategies for growth, and connect you with those collaborations on your dream list.


We're Brian & Hannah and we started The Exchange after finding entrepreneurship to be lonely and overwhelming.

There were plenty of opportunities to go swap business cards, but we simply couldn't find the type of entrepreneur community we liked.

We loved intentionally connecting with business owners who were generous with their knowledge and eager to share their experiences. So we started The Exchange to make it easier for small business owners to network with intention, learn from each other's mistakes and refer each other with confidence.

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What Members Say

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, joining The Exchange was one of the best things I could have done for myself and my business, especially during all this crazy stuff."
— Leah Dees
"The Exchange is easily becoming my favorite meetup from home."
— Mel Willis
"Not stuffy networking. Actually fun times with people who are doing actual stuff!"
— Naoma Serna-Zahn

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